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Our Story

Fund My Van is a commercial vehicle finance broker that specialises in providing finance solutions to newly-incorporated companies. Our story began in 2019 when our board of Directors, who boast over 30 years' in the motor trade, realised that nobody was offering competitive, low-rate finance packages to new companies. This meant that start-ups were paying far more than they needed to in order to drive a new van.

Who We Are

We are are a team of finance brokers that offer Hire Purchase, Finance Lease and Contract Hire finance solutions to new companies. Providing you don't have any live County Court Judgements against your name, then we can help put a brand new van on your driveway. We work closely with a vehicle broker in order to benefit from their market-leading discounts on new commercial vehicles. Whether you are looking to lease a new Ford Transit Custom, or acquire a Renault Master on a Hire Purchase agreement, we are the ones to call. We boast an impressive 5-star customer satisfaction rating so you can be assured that you're in good hands.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading commercial vehicle finance broker in the UK and we are delighted to say that we are well on our way.

Thanks to our wealth of experience, transparent advice and low-rate solutions, Fund My Van is one of the fastest growing finance brokers in the country.





Hire Purchase

A Hire Purchase agreement is a fantastic way to own a new van without forking out for the entire vehicle at the start.

You will usually put the VAT down as your deposit, pay monthly over 4 or 5 years and then own the vehicle at the end.

Finance Lease

Arguably one of the most popular finance products on the market thanks to the ability of placing a large portion of the cost of the vehicle in to a balloon payment.

This requires an initial payment, monthly payments and then in some cases, a balloon payment.


Contract Hire

A contract hire agreement is when you hire a vehicle for an extended period of time, usually between 12 months and 4 years.

This requires an initial rental, followed by fixed monthly payments and at the end of the agreement you simply hand the vehicle back.

Vehicle Supply

We don't just provide low-rate finance solutions, we can also source brand new commercial vehicles. 


Our team work with some of the largest dealer groups in the country and have direct access to their stock. If you need a van, we are the ones that will find it.

Fleet Orders

Fund My Van caters for everybody, whether you are a stand-alone sole trader, or a large operation that runs a large fleet of vehicles.

Our supply of stock vehicles and factory orders means that more often than not, we can give you the keys to your new van in a matter of weeks.



40+ Finance Companies

One of the main benefits of choosing Fund My Van is our huge network of finance companies. We work closely with over 40 of them, ensuring that we know exactly what deals they have available in order to find the best and most cost-effective finance solution for the customer.

30 Years' Experience

Without the embarrassment of showing our age, we have a wealth of experience in commercial vehicle leasing and have worked for some of the top lenders in the country. This means that not only do we know what we are talking about, but we can give you honest and trustworthy advice.

Grow Your Business

Fund My Van will enable you to grow your business by putting a new commercial vehicle on your drive without paying over the odds. The savings you can benefit from by using a finance broker such as ourselves can be put to better use in other areas of your business and even give you the freedom to grow.




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